Building kilns  窯を作る

Gerd Knapper completed Tarosaka kiln
Nobori-gama - Knäpper visited Korea to study about the "anagama", cave kiln, which became the base of the "nobori-gama", chambered climbing kiln, which has been used in Japan for many centuries.


Gerd Knapper looking into the flame in the kiln
Looking into the flame and in the kiln


Gerd Knapper flattening the surface of the kiln with daughters
Completed Tarosaka kiln


Flattening the surface of the kiln with daughters
Gerd Knapper completion ceremony of Nobori-gama with local priest

Completion ceremony of the Nobori-gama. The local priest lit the first fire


Gerd Knapper with students

After the first firing of the nobori-gama, with his students

Gerd Knapper ceramic pieces filled in the gas kiln

Gas-gama - Ceramic pieces filled in the gas kiln ready to be lit. 
The temperature reaches up to around 1300 °C


Gerd Knapper stoking the kiln

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